Conservative Vaccine Protocol for Kismet Swissy Puppies

Do NOT use Corona or Leptosperosis vaccines on your Swissy. Many dogs react very badly to these vaccines and can cause serious long lasting negative side effects.

Please give Parvo/ Distemper vaccine at the following ages:

2, 3, 4, 7, and 17 months.

* After that we do not recommend giving Parvo/Distemper boosters on a regular schedule or with your dog’s rabies booster (every three years) until a blood titer test is done. The results can be used to see if they actually need a Parvo/Distemper booster. Do NOT automatically give yearly boosters if they are not needed. Reason: Most vaccines are stabilized by mercury and after dogs system reaches a certain level it can cause toxic side affects.

Please give rabies vaccines at the following recommended ages; 

4-6 months 
18 months

Subsequent rabies booster shots every 3 years
or as required by your state's laws.

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine is optional. Note- This Vaccine is required by Boarding Kennels. If you need to board your adult dog, you will probably need to give this Vaccination.