About Us

Carol and I both retired early to devote more time to our passions for travel and to spend more time with our dogs. This has been a very rewarding time of our lives learning about other people, their culture, their history and foods. Our adult son makes a great baby sitter for our dogs when we are away and can not take the dogs. We take the dogs when ever possible so we purchased a camper for this. It does make life easier rather then trying to find Hotels with the good taste to allow dogs in the room. Thank God for Holiday Inns (the premium points keep adding up). As everyone who shows dogs knows, Dog Shows are a great excuse to travel and spend time with some interesting people. Believe it or not we actually go to shows even if we are not showing a dog.

We bred, raised, and showed Doberman Pinschers and Afghan Hounds for many years. We got our first Swissy in 1991. As lovers of large breed dogs, we have always had other large and medium breeds around the house just for the pleasure of getting to know the breed. At present, we also have a 9 year old Golden Retriever. After the death of our Great Dane, we went on a search for a Great Pyrenees. Along the way we found the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Not knowing much about the breed but liking what we saw and learned, we decided to bring one home.

We found the Swissies to be the perfect breed for us. Their loving, gentle ways coupled with their kind and forgiving nature, made them the perfect pet. They soon took over our hearts, home, and kennels. But make no mistake about it, if a Swissy does not like or approve of something they do let you know about it.

When our first Swissy developed Epilepsy at age 17 mo. (died of aggressive bone cancer at the age of seven). We started to research Swissy lines to find high quality Puppies whose lineage did not have or had very little history of epilepsy, bloat, or early cancers in their backgrounds. Our search was successful, as our 9 year old very active, fit and healthy male indicate. We have applied this standard to all our breeding stock. If any of our dogs have or exhibits problems with epilepsy, early cancer, blot, stomach torsion or produces pups with these genetic problems traceable to our lines we will remove the dog from our breeding program. We also pledge that both parents of any puppies we produce are free of these genetic problems with sound joints and clear eyes. To meet this policy, we prefer to breed to older males at least 5 years of age with a proven track record of good healthy pups. We will breed to a younger male who has a family history that meets our standards. Our females are only bred twice between the ages of 2.5 and 5 years. We may opt for a third breeding only if a particular pairing produces an outstanding litter, but never more then 3 times in a female’s life span.

There are many other reputable kennels that make and follow through on these or similar policies and practices. We all do this to improve an already magnificent breed. If we do not have puppies available at the time you want one, we will happily recommend a quality Breeder to you. Check our links or visit the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog of America web site for a list of quality breeders.